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Manila Rent a CarFind the best local quote for renting a car in Manila. We have the most competitive rates around, including the most courteous, responsible and reliable drivers around. Need a car, van or emergency transportation around?

Our 24-hour quick response staff are always happy to assist you. Find out how we can help you ease and help you out make that dream vacation and break a reality.

“Hi there! I am so happy I found Manila Rent a Car! I had so much fun going around Manila! The driver assigned to me spoke very good English, honest and we got along so fine. I thank you Manong Jess from the bottom of my sooooo happy heart! I will be back next year! Thank you! “— Hans, Germany


“Thank you Manila Rent a Car for surpassing our company’s expectations yet again! Our guests from Malaysia were all taken care of and they loved how your staff treated them. “- Leslie, PLTC, Inc.